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Samurai Champloo Icontest
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Welcome to champloo_award! This is an icontest for the anime Samurai champloo. Each week, there will be a theme posted in the community and participants will be allowed to submit 2 icons made specifically for that theme! This icontest's rules will revolve specifically around each challenge, so make sure to pay attention!

1) You have to be a member of the community in order to participate in an icon challenge.
2) You may submit 2 icons per challenge.
3) You can't vote for yourself. Don't tell your friends to vote for you either. That's not fair to other participants. This isn't a popularity game, it's a contest of graphics skill.
4) Your icons must be brand new and cannot be shown anywhere until the challenge it was entered in has announced its winners.
5) Make sure it fits the LJ standards. 100x100, 40kb.
6) Respect the Moderator as well as the members of this community.

A new challenge will be posted every Monday. Iconists can submit from Monday until Saturday. Your submission should look like this:


Image Galleries for Samurai Champloo can be found here

A poll will be posted so that members may vote. Voting will take place from Saturday at 5.30 pm CET until Monday at 9 am CET. Vote for your 3 favorite icons as well as a Special Category icon. Categories are as follows:

Best Coloring - best use of color in an icon
Best Text - best use of text in an icon
Most Creative - icon that interpreted the theme in the most unique way

Top 3 icons, followed by the special category. I use the 3 Point System to calculate the Top 3 winners.

Past Winners and Challenges are archived here.

Would you like to be an affiliate? Comment here!

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